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At Chapple Cartoons I create pictures that help businesses put their message across in a meaningful and memorable way.

I bring together 20 years of marketing and communications experience and a lifetime’s love of drawing. This means I understand the importance of putting the right message across, while creating work that connects with people in an immediate and unique way.

I work as a graphic recorder or scribe, covering events in the UK and internationally. This work involves creating on-the-spot visual summaries of the content or conversations at conferences, workshops and meetings. It gives the people involved a unique and engaging way to revisit and remember the information they’ve heard.

I also work with businesses to visually map information to create a more accessible way for their teams or clients to understand a new product or way of working. In addition, I create drawings for storyboards and cartoon animations.

My illustrations can also be used to add colour, personality and warmth to content that would benefit from it. I can work with you to break down and organise the information as well as doing the illustrations.

If you’d like to hear more about how I can add visual impact to your content, or to see more examples of my work please get in touch by emailing me at or calling me on 07813943787, or connect with me on linked in

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caroline chapple London graphic recorder speaking at a conference
caroline chapple London graphic recorder and onlookers looking at her work
caroline chapple London graphic recorder at work