Meaningful line drawings attact attention
Image showing the different services I offer

I can tranform your ideas into engaging, elegant images that will make your content stand out and be memorable – both live and offsite. I also specialise in short-turnaround, high-quality illustrations for PR pitches and presentations.

A background in business and marketing helps and informs my work as a Graphic Recorder where I capture meetings, lectures and trainings with live drawing work. I can also help you express ideas visually with illustrations, infographics and process maps – turning your words into engaging visual content.

In all cases I have the skills, knowledge and wit to convert your ideas, concepts and processes into simply-expressed engaging, images that will capture your audience’s imagination.

I am currently rebuilding my site and will be adding portfolio items shortly. Please feel free to contact me to see examples of my work, or to talk to me about live drawing or illustration work at or on . Thank you!

Image showing the different services I offer