Image showing the different services I offer

I use graphic recording – also known as graphic facilitation or scribing – to tranform your ideas into engaging, powerful images. The graphic records I create bring your information to life and make sure your key messages are captured in an impactful and memorable way. I have a wide range of experience creating cartoon illustrations for conferences, workshops and meetings of all sizes and across all industries.

I also specialise in short-turnaround, high-quality illustrations for PR pitches and presentations.

II came to this work from a background in business and marketing, giving me the skills to quickly understand your business objectives and concepts. I can also help you express ideas visually with illustrations, infographics and process maps – turning your words into engaging visual content.

In all cases I have the skills, knowledge and wit to convert your ideas, concepts and processes into simply-expressed engaging, images that will capture your audience’s imagination.

Please feel free to contact me to see further examples of my work (some of which I may not be able to show on my site), and to talk to me about graphic recording, cartoons or illustration work at or on 07813943787. Thank you!

Image showing the different services I offer